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In first place we want to thank all the people and companies with whom we have worked throughout our history. Each of them have allowed us to progress, innovate and succeed. With many we still share daily work, and to all we want to say THANK YOU.

Working with Almerich Classic is a guarantee. Our Brand is a worldwide reference in the International Classic Lighting business thanks to our development, Designs, quality, exclusivity and ethics. 


We are aware that having 75 years of background is a compromise and to keep succeeding, we keep our the tenacious, inspiring and refreshing spirit as our founder did in 1943.


Some of our first and best Designs are still in our catalogues. Our Style keeps loyal to our roots after seventyfive years.

Once you learn about our Company and Style, there is no need to read the label: you identify our lamps thanks to their quality and unique design, full of exclusive details.

Our customers usually define Almerich objects as ´artwork pieces´, ´one-off a kind´, ´future antiquary arts´. We have always been told that our lighting fixtures have a feminine touch.

All our bronze components are exclusive Designs and the molds belog to Almerich Classic. Depending on the Project and its concept, we combine them with best materials designed only for us such as: porcelaine ornaments, Murano glass, alabaster shades, and of course we also work with crystal of well-known brands such Swarovski and Asfour. We are always open to new ideas to make each Project unique.


Our first proffesional success in commercial terms was in the 50´ when Phillips had just launched the neon fluorescent light tube that was energy saving already at that time. Almerich was the first lighting manufacturer to use the fluorescent light for a Classic chandelier design. The public phone Company bouth hundreds of those fixtures for all its delegations along the country. And after them, many retail shops followed the innovative trend.

In 1955 steel replaced bronze for some of our Designs.

In 1957 a business and personal cooperation was forged and with it we recorded one of our best seller success: to ornate our lighting with the exquisite and delicate porcelaine of Sévres and Limoges styles. Salvador Mallol was the best manufacturer in Spain (Madrid). He produced exclusive porcelain pieces for Almerich Classic with maximum quality, done and decorated by hand. A universo of angels, birds, flowers, harlequins, nymph …each of them gave soul to the cold bronze.

In 1982 Almerich was the first Spanish Company to use the halogene bulb to light Classic chandeliers.

Some of those Designs are still our actual best sellers as the Bronze chandelier Tradición ref. 556.

The first occasional brass Furniture tables were produced in 1973. The Style became very popular and we exported thousands of tables worldwide combining the bronze with acrylic and resin decorations, as well as Murano glass, engraving glass components. Since then diversification products is one our main strategic pillars.

Quality guarantee

A.       Certificates

We deliver all our lighting fixtures with all the electrical requirements for the country of destination. Thanks to our quality certificates and our quality, we are proud to deliver regularly to more than 60 countries.

B . Manufacturing processes

Since our origin in 1943, the basic pillar in our strategy has been to offer maximum quality not only in the materials we use, but also in the process we perform to transform them.

A big part of our production is artisanal which grants our products a exclusive touch, and also makes very difficult to reproduce them.

Our precedents in the production process were the goldsmith artisans who produced religious objects and domestic tolos. We have always produced lighting fixtures and occasional Furniture in pursuit of excellence.

All our products have in common that the metal parts are made of brass, generally called ´decorative bronze´ (alloy of 67% copper and 33% zinc). We transform it in various different processes depending on the design and requirements of the component. The different methods of transforming the brass can be from casting, laminating, bending, carving, adjusting, stamping..

The lighting fixtures or Furniture that we produce are a result of a design, as an ensemble of many of the different pieces that we manufacture individually.

We could classify all our manufacturing process in two big groups: the first group comprehends all the mechanised means so that the parts comply with their function, and the other group includes all the procedures to decorate the component and so it will preserve its original finish.

All our products are manufactured in our Factory in Valencia, Spain. Almerich Classic Brand creations are 100% made in Europe.


Industrialized handicraft 

Since our begining in 1943, the constant pillar of our strategy is to offer the maximum quality not only for the materials but also for the processes we use to transform them.

But as important as the manufacturing process is, so does the maintenance.

We are offering you some guidelines for the care of our lighting fixtures, Furniture pieces and Decoration ítems, but we also offer you our help to clarify any doubt.

    • All our metal parts are treated to remain unalterable with the passing of the years if they are never chemically or mechanically affected, exactly as you would treat any jewel piece.  Its maintenance does not request any special care: you only have to remove the dust with a dry cloth.  If it may have some sticky dirt, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth (having put some soap in the wáter), but it must always be dried afterwards.
    • All the glass shades or crystal can be cleaned as any object of similar characteristics, preferably with a dry cloth.
    • Fabric shades must only been cleaned with the vacuum cleaner, with special care not to deform them.
    • Wood: there are many products to care Furniture or Wood components. We suggest to be very careful as they could not be as appropiate as expected, and they might damage on mid-long term the Wood part or around it. It is always better to use a dry cloth in case of doubt.